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To elevate the quality, culture and perception of videogames as contemporary arts and entertainment through criticism and community development.

We will accomplish this mission by presenting a diverse range of perspectives from authors and gamers of different backgrounds in order to provide readers with insightful, useful, and entertaining content on videogames and their growing presence in society.

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Consumer Guide to Ratings

For readers who use our reviews to guide their purchasing decisions, please refer to the following definitions:

9 to 10*: Excellent / Highly Recommended
7 to 8: Above Average / Recommended
5 to 6: Average / Cautiously Recommended
3 to 4: Below Average / Not Recommended
1 to 2: Poor / Don’t Bother Playing

* A rating of 10 does not denote ‘perfection’ in any sense, it is simply the highest possible recommendation we can bestow upon a game.

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