Author: Darren Forman

Koihime Enbu review

Kicking faces in the name of friendship.


HIGH The fighting engine is remarkably solid…

LOW …but doesn’t do enough to set itself apart from the competition.

WTF ‘Seems like my hot super-spicy mapo pot has surpassed you.’

Street Fighter V Review

Is it safe to hit the streets yet?

Street Fighter V

HIGH Rainbow Mika is amazing. No doubt about it.

LOW Several months on, and online matches are still taking too long to hook up.

WTF So many online Ryus. So. Many.

XCOM 2 Review


Xcom 2 Review Screenshot

HIGH Dashing across the map to chop up alien scumbags with the Ranger's Reaper ability.

LOW The current PC build is a technical horror show.

WTF My entire squad missing every shot during a perfectly-planned ambush.