Author: Mike Suskie

Necropolis Review

Dead on arrival


HIGH The art style.

LOW Said art style losing its edge over hours of repeated levels.

WTF The choice to provide “humorous” item descriptions over helpful ones.

Pokémon Go Is Absolutely Going to Kill People

I was eight years old when the first generation of Pokémon debuted in North America, which put me in roughly the same age group as its protagonist. In the real world, sending a preteen boy away from home to journey across the continent by his lonesome would get a person jail time, but Pokémon was set in a universe without consequences. Every conflict was resolved by arranging fights between monsters that could only ever “faint”, so the worst fate that could befall me was for all of my pets to doze off. A pre-adolescent boy probably could survive in a world like this, and eight-year-old me often fantasized about leaving home at a young age and training Pokémon for real.

Dreadnought Preview


Every once in a while, a piece of art or entertainment hits me so hard that I’m inclined to studiously follow its creator’s work, and to investigate their backlog and keep an eye on any upcoming projects. Yager Development stuck so many landings with the poignant Spec Ops: The Line that they earned my instantaneous fandom. I never had a lick of interest in the Dead Island series until they were attached to the sequel, and then I abandoned all curiosity when they were later dropped. Their name carries a lot of power for me.

Star Fox Zero Review

Barrel roll away from this thing


HIGH The splash screen is pretty.

LOW The controls, and how they sink everything else.

WTF Star Fox 64 isn’t even available on North America’s Wii U store?!

NightCry Review

Schlock Tower

NightCry Review Screenshot

HIGH The “Beer Bar.”

LOW Finally getting a sequence right, only to have the game crash.

WTF The hero saying point-blank that he doesn’t have anything important to post on Twitter.

Superhot Review

It's Pretty Attractive, Yeah

Superhot Review Screenshot

HIGH The fistfight in the elevator.

LOW Reaching for the "crouch" key, then remembering that there isn't one.

WTF The Easter eggs tucked into the menus.