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HOGuru Reviews – Forbidden Secrets: Alien Town

Beyond objects. The bane of my existence. That’s what they’re called here, anyhow – I’m referring to the annoying game that some developers play on their customers, putting in special items on each of their game’s screens, little objects that transform subtly in the background. Find them all for a bonus! […]

HOGuru Reviews – Eventide: Slavic Fable

Set in and around a tourist park deep in the woods of eastern Europe, Eventide casts players as a botanist attempting to help out her grandmother by using her expertise to help preserve  an ancient and mystical flower. This leads her on a journey through an ancient forest populated by […]

HOGuru Reviews – Robin’s Quest

So, how does the most-adapted character in history/fiction work in the world of Hidden Object Games? Not too shabbily, as it turns out. Robin’s Quest is a hybrid adventure/HOG, as it puts more focus on puzzle solving and world manipulation than simple object hunting gameplay. That, and it introduces a […]

Superhot Review

Super Not … gonna forget this game any time soon


HIGH Splitting an incoming bullet in two with a swift katana slice.

LOW Some challenge modes are lame.

WTF I wonder how much money Microsoft ponied up to keep this exclusive on XBO